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When is it necessary to translate a driving licence or passport?

A car, motorbike or lorry driving licence is a licence that entitles the holder to drive a car, motorbike or lorry. It implies that the holder of the driving licence has passed a theoretical and a practical test, knows the rules of the road and is familiar with how to drive the vehicle in question.

driving licence

Translation of an ID card by a sworn translator

In Spain, a foreigner can normally drive with the driving licence of origin for six months. After that time, you will have to exchange your driving licence for a Spanish one. If the original document has been issued in a language other than Spanish, during the six months in which it may be used in Spanish territory, this driving licence (or other vehicle) might need to be accompanied by its corresponding sworn translation. This way, traffic officers can be sure that it is a fully legal and valid document.

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Official translation of a passport

A passport is a public document issued by the authorities of a country to prove a person's identity at an international level. Through this document, it is possible to obtain permission or legal authorisation to enter another country.

The sworn translation of a passport is necessary for legal formalities in a country whose official language is not the same as the language in which the document is issued. In the case of Spain, a foreigner who doesn’t have a passport issued in Spanish might need to accompany this document with its corresponding sworn translation in order to carry out procedures such as applying for residency, requesting a work permit, getting married, registering a marriage celebrated abroad or setting up a company, among other things.

In the case of a foreigner who has just moved to Spain, in order to avoid problems, it is advisable to have a sworn translation of the passport and also a sworn translation of the driving licence from the very beginning. This way, you will be able to identify yourself and drive normally while you go through the procedures to obtain the documentation issued by the Spanish authorities.

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How do I get a sworn translation of my driver's licence?

In these cases, it is always necessary to use the services of a professional translator who will translate the content of the driving licence or passport from one language to another.

This translation is carried out by sworn translators, who are accredited by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This ministerial authorisation that confers legal value to their translations. Therefore, an official translation carried out by a sworn translator is the only type of translation that can be used for legal purposes and which ensures that the content of the translation is exactly the same as the content of the original document.

To obtain such a translation, the original documents must be submitted to the translator. The translation will normally be ready within a few days. Their stamp and signature on the translation document will be gives it legal value. All sworn translators are identified at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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