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When is the sworn translation of a criminal records checked needed?

criminal record certificate

A criminal record certificate is an official document that accredits whether or not a person has a criminal record. It is important both at national and international level, as it is often required for procedures such as accessing public employment, obtaining a residence permit if you are a foreigner, or for working with minors (in this case it is usually a specific certificate on sexual offences).

The document details the offences for which a person has been convicted through a final judgement or, on the contrary, notes that no such record exists. This information, although extremely private, is crucial in determining whether an individual is suitable for certain jobs or access to a country.

In Spain, the criminal record certificate is requested through the Ministry of Justice, and can be requested online. You must indicate your ID number and submit form 790. Once issued, the document has a validity of three months.

Having a criminal record does not mean that you will automatically be excluded from a job or that you will be refused a visa. Government authorities usually assess applications and certificates on an individual basis, paying attention to issues such as the nature of the offence committed, the time that has passed since the conviction and the rehabilitation of the person.

When the criminal record certificate has to be presented in a foreign country, a sworn translation of the certificate is required. A sworn translation is an official translation carried out by a certified translator who guarantees the accuracy of the translated document in relation to the original document.

The official translation of a criminal record check certificate is necessary when this document has to be presented abroad and when the official language of the place of issue and the official language of the place of presentation are not the same.

A sworn translation of a criminal record certificate may be required to obtain a visa, to be able to study abroad, or even to access certain jobs.

Official translators must ensure that the translated document is faithful to the original. They must, therefore, have both linguistic and technical expertise, as well as accreditation as a sworn interpreter or sworn translator registered with the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The translation should be ordered within the validity time frame of the original document, as some documents may “expire” after a certain time period.

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How much does a sworn translation of a criminal record certificate cost?

Usually translators set a fixed fee per word, although in some cases this fixed fee is applied directly to each page, on the assumption that most of the pages of the document have more or less the same number of words.

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However, a sworn translator in Madrid may charge between 55 and 65 euros + VAT for a sworn translation from English of a criminal record certificate.

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