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In the UK and Ireland, certified translations are essential for a wide range of administrative and legal procedures. Institutions such as the Home Office, Her Majesty's Passport Office, and the Irish Department of Foreign Affairs, among others, require certified translations to validate the authenticity of documents written in languages other than English. Our company, with a business office at 120 High Road, London N2 9ED, United Kingdom and which is certified to ISO 9001 and ISO 17100 quality standards, specialises in providing certified translations between any language and English. These translations are accepted by public authorities in the United Kingdom, (England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland) as well as by the Irish Department of Foreign Affairs and the Irish Immigration Service.

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Certified translation in the United Kingdom and Ireland

We work certified translators in the UK and Ireland, specialising in providing certified translations in England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland. Our translators can translate documents from English into any language and vice versa and certify the translation to ensure that translations are accepted by British and Irish institutions. This level of certification ensures that our clients receive translation services that meet the highest standards required for official and legal procedures. We can also help you if you need certified translations for the United States, accepted by the USCIS.

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When might you need a certified translation in the UK?

Official or certified translations might need to be presented to the UK authorities in a range of situations, such as immigration processes to university or school applications. For example, if an individual wishes to apply for British citizenship or a work visa, they will need to provide documents such as a birth certificate, marriage certificate or proof of academic qualifications and have these translated and certified in English. The demand for certified translation services is increasing in major cities in the UK, such as London, Edinburgh, Cardiff, Belfast, etc. The most requested translations are from Spanish, French, German, Arabic or Chinese into English.

Official translations for immigration procedures in Ireland and UK

When it comes to immigration procedures in both Ireland and the UK, documents must be accompanied by a certified translation. These procedures may include applications for visas, permanent residence, and naturalisation. Documents such as criminal record certificates, academic diplomas, and medical certificates, translated from languages such as Romanian, Bulgarian, Hungarian, Czech, Polish, Ukrainian, Portuguese or Russian into English, are typical examples of the required documentation. A certified translation gives legal validity to the translated documents presented to the immigration authorities.

Official translation service in the United Kingdom and Ireland

Academic and school transcripts

Certified translations of degree certificates, university diplomas, academic records, etc.

Collective agreements and company statutes

Certified translations of contracts, agreements, pacts, agreements, stipulations, etc.

Corporate texts

Official certified translations of company documents, reports, annual reports, news, etc.

Certified translation in the United Kingdom

Translations accepted by the Home Office, HM Passport Office and other British authorities.

Certificates and minutes

Criminal record certificates, death certificates, divorce decrees, birth certificates, etc.

Medical translation

Official translation of clinical reports, scientific articles, diagnoses, etc.

Certified translations in Ireland

Translations accepted by the Irish Department of Foreign Affairs and the Irish Immigration Service.

Certified translators

Sworn translators in Spain and certified translators in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, USA, etc.

Certified translation in other countries

In Germany, France, Romania, Sweden, etc.


Our company offers certified translation services in England (London, Manchester, Birmingham), Scotland (Edinburgh, Glasgow), Wales (Cardiff, Swansea), Northern Ireland (Belfast, Derry) and the Republic of Ireland (Dublin, Cork). All our certified translations are accepted by the Home Office, Passport Office, and most UK authorities, as well as by the Irish Department of Foreign Affairs and the Irish Immigration Service, guaranteeing their validity for a wide range of official and legal procedures.

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