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When do you need an official translation of a birth or death certificate?

birth certificate

In most countries there is a civil registration system in which the births and deaths of individuals are recorded, as well as all circumstances that may affect their civil status, such as (marriage, divorce, incapacity, guardianship, etc..

The way to prove these registered circumstances is by means of a certificate. Therefore, a birth certificate provides information about the birth of a given person, specifying on what date he/she was born, where, and who his/her parents are. A death certificate tells us on what date and place a person died.

These documents are important when it comes to proceedings such as obtaining an ID card or getting married. For example, if someone is getting married and is widowed, they will need to submit a death certificate to the Civil Registry Office stating that their previous spouse is deceased. Similarly, if a foreigner obtains Spanish nationality, he/she will be asked to present the birth certificate issued in his/her native country.

As with all official documents, the services of sworn translators in Spain are needed whenever a certificate of this type has to be presented to the authorities of a country whose official language is different to that of the document.

For example, if a Spanish widower wishes to get married in France, he will have to present the death certificate of his previous spouse to the French authorities. As this document is originally issued in Spanish, the client must provide a sworn translation from French. Official translators will translate it into French and include an official stamp to make the document legally valid, otherwise the French authorities will not accept it and it will not be possible to celebrate the marriage. We can also help you if you need a sworn translation of a criminal record certificate.

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How can I order the sworn translation of birth or death certificates?

The first thing to do is to request the original files from the competent authority. Once it is available, it should be submitted to the official translator. It’s important to note that these documents may have a time-limited validity, so the certificate must be given to the translator within the time limit.

The translation of this type of document is normally quite quick. However, we would recommend that you do not make the translation request to the last minute, since if the original is out of date at the time of submission to the authorities, neither the document nor its sworn translation will be accepted

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