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When might sworn translations of judgments be necessary?

We regularly provide sworn translations of separation of property decrees, divorce settlements, separation agreements, etc.

A sworn translation of a court decision or judgement is required when the document needs to be submitted to the public authorities or the courts of another country whose official language is different from the language in which the original document was written. The original judgment or decision must be submitted together with its official translation.

court judgement

For example, it may be necessary to submit a sworn translation of a divorce decree to the Civil Registry in Spain if one of the spouses is divorced in his or her country of origin (or in another country) and wishes to re-marry in Spain. As the judgment is in a language that the Spanish authorities do not understand, it is essential to have a translation of the judgment in Spanish or another co-official language in order to prove that there is no impediment to the marriage.

In these cases a "normal" translation is not accepted because a court decision is a very serious matter with important legal effects. Therefore, a sworn translation is required by law.

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What is a sworn translation of a court decision and how can I request one?

Sworn translations are official translations carried out by professionals who are be authorised to do so by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The stamp and signature of the sworn translator is added to the translated document to give the translation full legal validity.

This provides great legal certainty and is what allows a Spanish authority or court to understand and accept the content of a judicial decision that has been issued in another non-Spanish speaking country.

A sworn translation of a court decision on the dissolution of marriage, or on any other matter, requires the services of specialists who offer a professional translation service.

At LinguaVox we have been providing this service for over 20 years and we work with all the languages translated by translators registered on the Ministry's list of sworn translators. Most of the sworn translators in Spain not only have a great command of different languages, but also have specific technical expertise that allows them to deal with complex translations such as court rulings, which normally use highly technical terminology.

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