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Do you need a sworn translator and want to know what price you will have to pay? Below you will find a breakdown of prices and fees for sworn translations in 2024. We will explain how a sworn translator calculates the price and what the official translation rates are depending on the language, words, deadline, etc.

sworn translation rates in 2024

What is the price of a sworn translator in 2024?

The fees of an official translator in Spain in 2024 vary depending on several factors, such as the source and target languages, the deadline, the length of the text, the technicality of the document, the availability of the translators, etc. Each translator sets his or her own rates. The best way to find out the price of a sworn translation is to request a no-obligation quote. In this way, the client will have the peace of mind of knowing the exact cost of the official translation of their specific documents by a sworn translator appointed by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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Are some sworn translations more expensive than others?

Of course, a English sworn translation is cheap compared to an official Ukrainian translation, for example. This is because there are more than 1000 official English translators on the official list of sworn translators and only 4 Ukrainian translators. Likewise, translating an officially valid birth or death certificate is cheaper than a sworn translation of a company's articles of association or accounts, both in terms of length and complexity. Similarly, certified translations in the United States (USCIS) or in the United Kingdom or Ireland are generally cheaper than translations sworn in Spain. We therefore insist on the convenience of requesting a free, no-obligation quote to find out the cost in advance.

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What are the rates for sworn translations by official translators in Spain?

Before online companies existed, such as our online sworn translation agency, the rates for a sworn translator varied from one Spanish province to another. This continues to happen in the case of sworn interpreting services in court or at notaries' offices, but not in the case of official written translations. In fact, translations with an official stamp are usually sent to the client by express courier within 24 hours, regardless of where the client and the certified translator reside.


It is estimated that there are almost 3,000 translators authorised by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Madrid. It is the Spanish city where we can find sworn translators for the largest number of languages, 36 of the 39 languages for which the Ministry has authorised sworn translators. Therefore, it’s easier to find a sworn translator in Madrid, as well as cheaper translations in the Spanish capital, especially in the most common language combinations, such as English-Spanish, French-Spanish or Portuguese-Spanish.

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In addition to the factors that affect the price of a sworn translation mentioned above, in the case of the rates applied by official translators in Catalonia, the type of sworn translation must also be taken into account. Normally, a sworn translator in Barcelona approved by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs applies a lower fee than sworn translators appointed by the Generalitat de Catalunya. In other words, an official translation from Catalan into English usually costs more than a certified translation from Spanish into English. In Barcelona we have sworn translators accredited by the Generalitat de Catalunya who translate documents between Catalan and the following languages: Arabic, Spanish, French, English, Russian, Italian and Chinese. As for the translators approved by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, there are more than 800 translators who translate texts between Spanish and 26 of the 39 languages in which we can find authorised translators in Spain.

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If you are looking for a sworn translator in Seville who translates documents with legal validity in the most common languages (English, Italian, Romanian, etc.), it’s not be difficult to find one. According to the latest data from March 2024, there are 128 sworn translators in the province of Seville and they translate into 11 of the 39 languages in which the Ministry has authorised official interpreters and translators. If you would like to know how much a sworn translation in Sevillecosts, you can send us your documents by email or Whatsapp and you will receive a detailed offer without obligation. Normally, we will include in the quotation the cost of delivery by courier to your company or home in the province of Seville.

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The latest list of sworn translators published by the Oficina de Lenguas of the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs includes 155 sworn translators in Valencia. Calculating the price of an official translation in Valencia involves analysing the complexity of the document, the number of pages, the language of the original and the language into which you want the text to be translated with official value, the time in which you want to receive the translation at your home address, and other factors. These 155 official translators based in Valencia translate into 14 of the 39 languages in which it is possible to translate documents with legal value from and into Spanish. Request a free quote. We will work with sworn translator in Valencia or in any other Spanish province and send you our best offer.

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